Super Satay

The most incredible satay I have ever experienced was at Satay
(" Best Asian Restaurants: Malaysian ," February 2011). My mouth is watering just thinking about it… Don’t miss out on the laksa (a spicy seafood soup). It’s to die for!

Pam Schultz

Laotian Leap

We live just up the road from Savatdee (" Best Asian Restaurants: Laotian ," February 2011) and didn’t bother checking it out for a while after it opened—what’s one more Thai restaurant, right? I’m glad we finally did; we’ve only ordered Lao dishes so far, but the food is leaps and bounds better than what you’d expect from your typical Seattle Thai place. Service is great, too.

Chris McBurney

Filipino Noodles

I went to Kawali Grill (" Best Asian Restaurants: Filipino ," February 2011) for my grandma’s birthday, and my favorite dishes were the lumpia, the fried chicken, and especially the noodles, which are made the way they make them back home in the Philippines, and they were amazing.


Start Small

To all the filmmakers looking to get their start, submitting your work to Amazon Studios is like making a deal with a large studio without the support and consult of an agent or media attorney (" Mudroom: Amazon Attacks! ," February 2011).

There are opportunities for you to develop your skills and test out your ideas other than giving them to a large corporation who won’t care to personalize you on their roster of talent. is a commercial contest site based in the UK offering small prizes ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 and trips around the world to meet other talented filmmakers.,, all offer commercial contests. is how I got my start: If you can make a compelling short film in 24, 48, or 100 hours, then you can make a feature with a large studio or independent company. provides the independent way to work hard and raise money for a project you truly believe in.

Don’t waste your time with a lottery like Amazon Studios. The best way to get your films made is to just put in the hours, work hard, connect with people you love and trust, and tell a story you believe in.

Keith Rivers

Streetcars Go Places

A couple of facts from SDOT that readers may find helpful after reading " Streetcars Paved with Gold " (February 2011):

Ridership on the South Lake Union Streetcar in 2010 was 565,000, a 15 percent increase over 2009 and a 25 percent increase since the first full year of operation in 2008. The line is so busy during peak periods that employers in South Lake Union have offered to pay for an increase in service.

The First Hill Streetcar addresses a clear transit need. No bus line follows the streetcar alignment, and the trolley service parallel to the alignment is primarily on Jackson Street in the International District and on two blocks on Capitol Hill. There is no trolley service for most of the mile-long stretch of Broadway that the streetcar will serve.

Trolleybuses running up Yesler to Broadway would not connect First Hill to other transit options. Yesler Way is several blocks away from the regional light rail, commuter rail, and express bus hub in the International District. Making connections to this transportation hub from First Hill is one of the major objectives of the streetcar.

The project will start this fall and conclude by the fall of 2013.

Rick Sheridan
Public Information Office Manager, Seattle Department of Transportation

Yoga for Inmates

How refreshing to read something more than the usual rants and raves about the spiritual conflicts or health benefits of yoga (" Yoga for Life ," January 2011). Your article made clear that yoga is a process not a product, and it’s flexible enough to benefit more than flower children or the superachiever. I wish you had mentioned Yoga Behind Bars, whose mission is “to teach inmates skills for deepening their capacity for self-awareness, inner growth, and social responsibility.” It is deserving of more support from the yoga community and the community in general. Thank you for the article and some very fun pictures.

Pat Musburger
Director, Tree House Iyengar Yoga

A Clarification

In our editorial coverage of dental innovations (" Top Dentists ," February 2011), we inadvertently used a phrase to describe holistic dentistry—“the dental complement to natural medicine”—which came from a tagline used by Issaquah dentist Jessica Saepoff to describe her practice in her marketing materials. We regret any confusion this may have caused.



In the February 2011 cover story on Asian restaurants, we neglected to list the U District location of Samurai Noodle (4138 University Way NE, 206-547-1774). We also included two proofreading errors, misspelling bánh mì in a headline and referring to tonkotsu (made with bone marrow broth) as tonkatsu (fried cutlet).

North Bend orthodontist Kirby M. Nelson (425-888-1896), Sammamish orthodontist Mark W. Nelson (425-369-0366), and Lynnwood general dentist Timothy W. Robison (425-776-2126) were inadvertently omitted from the Top Dentists list. They have been added to the list at

Also in February, we stated the City of Seattle would cover operating costs for the First Hill Streetcar
(" Streetcars Paved with Gold "). In fact, Sound Transit will pay these expenses.

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