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January 14, 2011 Published in the February 2011 issue of Seattle Met

Community Service

Yoga owners, instructors, and students share a strong connection (" Yoga for Life ," January 2011). They understand how busy life can get yet still make time to follow their passions, take care of their bodies and their minds. They come together in a space that welcomes, encourages, and challenges. The more I reach out to the yoga community through my business, the more I see the diversity in it, as well as the common appreciation of yoga and the positive effects it brings to individuals and communities.

Lyndi Thompson
Maple Valley

Small Pleasures

What a groovy space (" No Space to Waste ," January 2011)! Lovely to see the clean lines and unexpected nooks in your article about a Boeing engineer’s 182-square-foot studio.


Injustice Is Served

Thank you for the article by James Ross Gardner titled " School of Knox " (December 2010). I am horrified by the wrongful prosecution of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito. It’s heartwarming to know that people are fighting this injustice.

Are you aware that retired FBI violent crimes investigator Steve Moore has written layman-friendly articles on this case explaining why the murder of Knox’s alleged victim Meredith Kercher was clearly a single perpetrator crime committed only by Rudy Guede? The articles, as well as those by forensic engineer Ron Hendry, are posted at

Tom Mininger
Laurel, Maryland

Is that All?

I’m curious how you defined “some of the most exciting programs and extracurriculars” when featuring four private schools (" Our Best High Schools ," December 2010). With, as you mention, 50 private high schools in the greater Seattle area, surely you’re doing readers a disservice by not mentioning other equally exciting opportunities. Our wealth of private and independent schools provides many offerings to youngsters. Please highlight them in upcoming issues.

Roger D. Cibella
Cibella and Associates Admission Counseling


We’ve made further corrections to data in our December 2010 story, Our Best High Schools: At Big Picture High School in Highline, 83 percent of teachers have master’s degrees, not 55.6 percent; Adequate Yearly Progress was met; SAT scores in math, writing, and critical reading are 383, 434, and 474 (not 387, 389, and 425); and the on-time graduation rate is 71.2 (not 57.9). Shoreline Christian School provided all new data, and Odyssey: The Essential School in the Highline district was unintentionally omitted. All updated school statistics can be found at

In the January 2011 cover story (52 Weekends), the correct web address for the Falls steak house in Palm Springs, California is Harrison House Bed and Breakfast’s website is David Kearney (" Yoga for Life ," January 2011) teaches yoga at the Department of Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Healthcare System, not the Veterans Association.


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