Good Innkeeping
We received a copy of Seattle Metropolitan on Saturday (" Go! Road Trips 2010, " April 2010). We were so proud to show it to all of our guests at breakfast.

We are just amazed at how many times we get recognized for just serving and caring about people. We have been featured in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and San Francisco Chronicle. All articles were unsolicited by us and were submitted by guests who enjoyed their stay with us.

I sincerely am humbled and very proud to see that we are touching people all over the country (and the world, as I have guest books with languages that I don’t even understand).
Michael Clines, South Coast Inn
Brookings, Oregon

Proud Papa
I have watched with joy the wonders rowing has given my daughter since she joined Lake Union Crew (" Life Is But a Dream, " April 2010). She rowed as a teen and into her first year at college, but left the sport for several years. After returning to Seattle, she joined LUC and now I watch (and hear) of the great happiness rowing with LUC has given her. She and her mates and her coach are so tight and so joyful as to make a father jealous…if I weren’t so pleased.
Gary W. East
Northeast Seattle

Going Rogueless
First of all, I must say that Kathryn Robinson is a great writer. The drama laced throughout her piece
" Civil Disobedience " (February 2010) is admirable. I was right there on the bus with her just a few seats over plugging my ears from the assault of foul F-bombs. I was enjoying her husband’s evening ferry concerto…that’s all great, but I am not on her side of the street in regard to Interlaken Park. While I understand that her piece is about the worth of speaking up, the attack on the laissez-faire attitude of Interlaken dog walkers is pretty offensive.

I have walked through Interlaken Park at least twice a day for many years. I have done this with a dog, alone, or with a child in tow. Sure, I’ve encountered the occasional rogue dog (or owner), but in all my years of walking in the park, I have seen mostly thoughtful neighbors and responsible dog owners. There are no more dogs off-leash here than can be easily observed in any other park in Seattle. Maybe it’s the fact that Robinson was “a newbie” to the park, unaware that Interlaken is often monitored and tickets are given to off-leash offenders.
Gretchen Desrosiers

Hardcore Hairsplitting
I loved the article " Sounders ’Til We Die " (March 2010). It was great to see the interview with Kasey Keller.

There was only one little problem… The “hardcore” fans that you talk about, like the Emerald City Supporters, do not identify themselves as fans but as supporters. Other than that, great article; hope to see more on the Sounders and their supporters soon.
Nisha Miles

Pizza of the Past
I hadn’t thought of Morningtown in 25 years or more (" A Note from the Editor: Pizza Piety, " March 2010)! It brought back memories of fun dates and another time. Morningtown was as close as I got to hip (although I once saw Timothy Leary speak). Let’s meet at the Eigerwand or Pamir House for coffee (two other old U District haunts). I like your magazine.
John Brangwin
San Cristóbal, Mexico

Second City Pie
I can not understand how Delfino’s was completely missed (" The Great Seattle Pizza Smackdown, " March 2010). Especially since you make a point of stating that there are no Chicago-style pizzerias in town. I have been driving from the Eastside to the U District for Delfino’s for years! I really wish they would open one on the Eastside.
Karen Bailey

Under the Sea
The ocean acidification problem has happened over and over in the deep past, and the net result was always greatly increased species-level extinction (" Sea Change, " March 2010). However, a connected but potentially more serious problem is the intersection of rising sea level, reduced crop yield because of higher CO2 levels coupled with salinization of the agriculturally important deltas and farms at sea level, and one-third more people in this century. The amount of world GNP going to dikes and dams to save sea-level cities might effectively bankrupt the world economy by 2100.

In light of this, money for science will diminish. Sea level rise is the greatest of all threats in a way, for effective science needs funding. In the face of famine and infrastructure triage along coasts (and eventually city triage), what is happening to marine communities will be lost in the shuffle. Economics may be the dismal science, but it drives human history. It will eventually have a great effect on which species live or die.
Peter D. Ward, University of Washington Department of Biology


In our February cover story, " 150 Years of Love and Lust Seattle-Style, " we misstated a few details about Grethe Cammermeyer, who fought her discharge from the military for being a lesbian and won the right to serve out her military career: Cammermeyer’s partner Diane Divelbess was born into a Methodist family, not Mormon, and met Cammermeyer in 1988, not 1987. The couple moved to Whidbey Island in 1995, before Cammermeyer’s retirement from the army in 1997.

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