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November 18, 2009 Published in the December 2009 issue of Seattle Met

Battle in Seattle
Lots of insight in “5 Days in Seattle that Shook the World” " (November 2009). You captured the inside story better than most others I’ve seen.

Maybe readers will be moved to learn more about how corporate-dominated globalism is negatively affecting all of our lives. The corporate-dominated WTO is still promoting its agenda of profits over people. These policies are largely responsible for the current global economic crisis that is still unfolding.

Fortunately, a growing world-wide grassroots movement is still promoting sustainable economics, democracy, and justice. That movement expressed itself in Seattle 10 years ago, however imperfectly. We are all in debt to a relatively small group of people who worked together to change the trajectory of history.
Brian Derdowski, Former King County Councilmember interviewed for “5 Days in Seattle that Shook the World”

Best Restaurants
Thank you for the nice coverage of Vashon Island and the Hardware Store Restaurant in October 2009 (“Ferried Away,”). And, given the Best Restaurants feature, I thoroughly loved the whole issue. 
Melinda Sontgerath, Owner, 
The Hardware Store Restaurant, Vashon Island

Save the Whales
Thanks for spreading the word about the potential risk to our local orcas (“I Said, Arrrruhhhooo,” November 2009). I was a coauthor on NOAA biologist Marla Holt’s paper and expect that underwater noise pollution is a bigger problem than most folks realize.

You can listen in on what orcas hear by visiting —a network of live hydrophones (underwater microphones) that stretches from the Seattle Aquarium to Neah Bay and the San Juan Islands. The hydrophone network is funded by NOAA and organized by a team of nonprofits, including the Whale Museum and Beam Reach.
Scott Veirs, President, Beam Reach Marine Science and Sustainability School

House Beautiful
Editor’s Note: Readers had the following to say about 
architect Grace Schlitt’s Madrona home (“Our House,” November 2009).

They say a home is a reflection of its owner, and this one is lovely. The kitchen island is fab—love the black base, and those bar stools!—and the kids’ bedrooms are sweet and fun. Beautiful!

The design is flawless throughout—even the stairway is thoughtfully crafted with lots of natural light. It looks like a dream!


Read This
Just giving you feedback regarding your November issue. From a print usability standpoint, I was very unhappy trying to read white text on a black background on multiple pages. And the noise of “Beat the Traffic!” was just that—visually noisy—to the point that I couldn’t and didn’t want to read page 65. I couldn’t read one sentence into “Smile, You’re Busted." I won’t bother with the rest of the feature due to the road lines squiggling in every background.

Also, the “edgy” look of the “5 Days in Seattle that Shook the World” article made it so that the text was not enjoyable to even skim. The lack of padding between the columns shouted, “Squish, squish!”

The October issue was so much more pleasant to read. I’m afraid that the November issue is going straight to the recycle bin, unread. Please make whatever creative direction changes necessary so that Seattle Met remains legible and enjoyable.
Tiana Los, Seattle

Eye of the Beholder
I just saw the November issue. What a great job. Your art director, Benjamen Purvis, really has the magazine in a groove. The traffic feature (“Beat the Traffic!”) was awesome. Hopefully you feel like all of the hard work is paying off. You can really see it on the page. Congrats to you and your staff. You guys are really doing some creative work.
Matthew Bates, Design Director, Backpacker magazine, Boulder, Colorado

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