For the (Green) Record
Nice article (“Nickels Reelection Watch: Who’s Greener?”July 2009), comparing mayoral candidate Mike McGinn’s green record to the incumbent’s. I would like to add that Mike McGinn has been endorsed by the Sierra Club, the largest and oldest conservation group in the United States.

Last year King County was given an F for air quality. For us to spend billions of dollars on the Alaskan Way tunnel when it does nothing to reduce pollution from car exhaust is really short-sighted and inexcusable. We need clean air to breathe and we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We don’t have time or money to waste on projects that promote pollution.
Becky Stanley, volunteer, Mike McGinn and Sierra Club
Mount Baker

An International Education
I was so excited to see your profile of Helber Moo (“Coming to America”, July 2009). I have the honor of being Helber’s principal at Foster High School in Tukwila. She is indeed an impressive young woman.

Foster High School is one of the most amazing places on the planet. It is such a privilege to work with so many special young people and staff that care about them so deeply. There are many stories such as Helber’s at our school. I encourage anyone interested in experiencing such a rich culture to come visit us. If you would like to work closely with our students, please consider being a mentor. Thanks for the great article.
Jim Boyce, Principal, Foster High School
Graham, Washington

Stuff Your Sorries in a Sack
Having read Kathryn Robinson’s “Doggie Dog World” (July 2009) I am forced to agree with her. With two exceptions; substitute the word “children” wherever it says “a dog” and, unlike Robinson, I give no apologies. I am just not that into them.
Joe Platt
Capitol Hill

Not for the Faint of Heart
Kathryn Robinson and I have something in common: She writes in her caviling article “Doggie Dog World” (July 2009) that she does not want to get a dog—and I agree. I don’t want her to get a dog either. Those who feel they would have to “break down” (as she puts it) in order to adopt a dog should not even consider getting one. Furthermore, they don’t deserve one.
Roy Wilson

Food Tour
My husband and I spent the last two weeks going around and trying many of your top picks for both sweets (Top Sweets, March 2009) and burgers (Best Burgers, June 2009). Most were quite good, but a few were not worth being listed. One huge error on your sweets list: You did not pick cheesecake from the Confectional in Pike Place Market, an unforgivable oversight on your part.
Elizabeth Reed

Doctor, Doctor
Eric Scigliano’s article on Dr. Martin Cahn is a tour de force (“The Doctor Is In a Fix”, August 2009). I am a patient of Dr. Cahn’s, and a primary care physician myself working toward national health care delivery reform. I was delighted by Scigliano’s command of narrative, depth and accuracy of research, and insightful comments. His ability to clearly and incisively describe the forces at play in health care give me some hope that we may see more in the press describing both the need for and solutions to health care reform based on comprehensive primary care. Dr. Cahn and others like him keep the flame of our profession lit as a guide for others seeking a better path.
L. Gordon Moore, MD

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