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Property Watch: A Pier Condo Built Around a Fireplace

This week on Fireplace Watch, we have a brick pillar hearth that includes a waterfront home.

By Sarah Anne Lloyd December 15, 2021

Last week on Property Watch, we explored an expansive Mercer Island home from 1968. This week, we’re in the same era, but in a much smaller package. Built in 1966, the Lakeshore West building is one of several in Madison Park that were built on piers, so you’re literally over the water—but without getting the myriad needs of a floating home.

This otherwise unassuming, 813-square-foot, one-bedroom condo has three major features: First, like a handful of buildings nearby and in other neighborhoods on Lake Washington, it’s on a literal pier. The views are uninterrupted. You get to feel like you’re at sea without the risk of floating away. Second, it’s on the top floor, kicking those views up a notch—and, past some floor-to-ceiling windows, it has a long, brick-paved patio for taking it in.

If you’re a frequent Property Watch reader, you know this column might seem, at times, like Fireplace Watch. Which brings us to the feature that endeared us to this home in the first place: a giant pillar fireplace that absolutely dominates the living and dining area like fireplaces rarely do in condos, especially small ones. Its brick design is simple, but cute, with two floor-to-ceiling stripes emerging on either side of the firebox and a stone bench below.

It also serves as an imposing room divider between the kitchen and living room, keeping the living room squared off—the condo has a semi-triangular overall shape, leading to some interesting use of angles elsewhere—and keeping the open concept from being too open.

The rest of the place is pretty functional. The bedroom has two closets, plus a tall window for a splash of 1960s design. A laundry closet holds a stacked washer and dryer, a grandfathered-in feature that most units in the building don’t have. The kitchen, tucked in its corner pocket, has a good amount of counter and cabinet space thanks to a large island. With some care, there’s plenty of potential to bring this home back into its modern glory, but once they're gone you can’t bring back a giant fireplace or, apparently, laundry facilities.

For getting really close to the water, a deck wraps around the entirety of the building—or you can jump off the private dock shared with other residents.

Listing Fast Facts

2360 43rd Ave E #402
Size:  813 square feet, 1 bedroom/1 bath
List date: December 3, 2021
List price: $595,000
Listing agent: Sam Konswa, Queen Anne Real Estate

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