There’s a lot to consider before moving to the San Juan Islands, especially more remote islands like Decatur. Where am I going to live? What am I going to do for work? How am I going to become a part of this community?

If you love both people and cooking, this property on Decatur Island comes with a lifestyle that is completely ready to roll for $629,000. The island’s one store, Alma’s Country Store, is for sale—and with it a second-floor apartment, a cabin, a secluded single-family home, and more. And as far as small islands with a year-round population of less than 100 and no public ferry service go, it’s pretty centrally located: It’s in the Decatur Shores area, near a small, private airport and dock frequented by private plane and boat charter services.

Like many a small-town general store, Alma’s has a lot going on: It’s a grocery and an ice cream shop and a coffee shop and a wine shop and a toy store, stocking everything for vacationers and locals with last-minute needs alike. It also has space for a cafe ready to go in the back with both indoor and outdoor seating, so there’s a lot to keep you busy—and a lot to make your own.

The apartment above the store has historically been used as a vacation rental, although the new owner would obviously have their pick of the available accommodations. It’s kind of farmhouse eclectic up here in what is essentially one big room: A large open kitchen connects to a living room with vaulted ceilings, and the bedroom area is cradled within a little polygonal fort jutting out of one wall. Exposed grain is plentiful, and even some indoor shingles make an appearance up in the ceiling’s peaks.

The single-family home out back has its own quirky look, with an assemblage of wallpaper, beadboard, and river rock adorning every room, sometimes in unexpected places.

The bathroom has a clawfoot tub against a backdrop of shingles and river-rock, surrounded by exposed-grain built-in seats, cabinets, and vanities. A built-in breakfast and iron stove pop up between the kitchen and living room with a more nautical-style dropped ceiling above them. Fun little decor asides—a leaded-glass window, a vintage ship’s wheel—are peppered throughout.

There’s room for a lot in this property’s two acres, including a garden, a greenhouse, a well, and even a barn.

Decatur Island is a close-knit rural community, and even has a one-room school to teach the six or so kids that live on the island full-time. If you need just a microdose of civilization (and a bakery, coffee shop, or natural grocery store will do the trick), Lopez Island is just a kayak ride away.

Listing Fast Facts

641 Decatur Head Dr, Decatur Island
Size: 2 acres, 3 bedroom/3 bath
List Date: 9/24/2021
List Price: $629,000
Listing Agents:
Ramy Tipton, Keller Williams/Decatur Island Properties

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