Image: Luca Sforza

Some of Seattle’s most gorgeous homes are traditional lofts, usually apartments carved into former warehouses from the early 20th-century Gold Rush boom. Timber and exposed brick make for a stunning combination that’s a distinct part of the city’s history but versatile enough for modern aesthetics.

This cozy two-bedroom loft in the Fix/Madore building fits that bill, with a billion extra points for location: Right on Western Avenue, directly behind Pike Place Market. (It’s also just a set of steps above the Zig Zag Cafe and its world-renowned cocktails, if that’s your thing.) The original building is from 1910, sharing a birth year with the iconic Sanitary Building in the market.

Image: Luca Sforza

This home has a lower ceiling than many lofts, but it’s completely made of exposed timber, lending a warm, vintage aesthetic. Visible piping, another loft hallmark, is thin and subtle. A long, narrow living area with a brick wall at one end—kind of a hybrid lounge and hall—can be easily divided into multi-purpose areas. A good-sized kitchen tucks into a nook, leaving it semi-open but able to contain any cooking chaos.

Two bedrooms each have their own look. One’s lined with exposed brick, around the corner from a walk-in closet. The other sits behind double doors, and what it lacks in exposed brick it makes up for in wood-grain supports.

Image: Luca Sforza

Through a pair of French glass doors is a deck—not just a balcony, but a real extension of the indoor entertaining space. It’s large enough for patio lounge furniture, barbecues, and an enviable container garden. It’s shaded by the building’s U-shape, so the light might be a little finicky, but it’s wind-shaded and relatively private.

One drawback of living in a beautiful old building is the structures tend to be a little high-maintenance, which can lead to some steep homeowners’ dues: Here, they’re $810 a month. Century-old brick is expensive! But wow, that timber sure is pretty.

Listing Fast Facts

1507 Western Avenue #504
Size: 989 square feet, 2 bedroom/1 bath
List Date:
List Price: $575,000
Listing Agent: Mark Hanses and Heather Dolin, Windermere

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