How to Design a Home Office

Work better from home, and look good doing it, with a designated room or just a productive corner of the kitchen.

By Darren Davis February 5, 2018 Published in the February 2018 issue of Seattle Met

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With so many Seattleites working remotely these days (Thanks, gig economy!), a viable place to set up shop with a computer is an increasingly important consideration in the home. But gone are the days of stately oak desks flanked by walls of ledgers and law books. An interior designer and a career freelancer offer tips on how to make the most of the personal office or just a corner desk.

The experts: Becca Risa Luna, Copywriter and art director, beccarisaluna.com; Jason Dallas, Interior designer, jasondallasdesign.com

Carve Out a Space

“The line between personal and professional gets really blurred when you work from home,” says Risa Luna. A zone set aside exclusively for work helps shift the brain into a productive place. This could mean a separate room, a table in the living room, or even a kitchen island.

Inspiring Aesthetic

Commissioned mostly by fashion and jewelry companies, Risa Luna fills her home office with attractive accessories for “visual inspiration.” This is also convenient because her desk is for business only, but the room at large functions as her closet and dressing room.

Organize in Style

Try to incorporate a surface area slightly oversized for your needs to avoid clutter. Risa Luna prefers notepads instead of sticky notes, as the latter can proliferate like weeds. If you prefer to work in a more public room, Dallas suggests designating a space in which to hide a charging laptop.

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Clever Storage

“What makes an office is having the things you need at hand,” says Dallas. Assign a drawer for files and another for electronic peripherals like USB cords. Risa Luna repurposes Chanel bags for pens and other stationery.  

Sit or Stand

“When working from home, you get to tailor your comfort,” says Dallas. Office seating could mean a barstool or even a cozy club chair. Standing desks are the rage in corporate offices but can be tricky at home. If you prefer to stay vertical, utilize an existing surface that’s the right height (it’s usually in the kitchen). 

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