Jessi Bloom likes to drink her plants. The onetime Rat City roller girl and proprietor of NW Bloom EcoLogical Landscapes designs and installs edible, sustainable gardens. At home in her Mill Creek Craftsman, Bloom tends her own garden of herbs, fruits, and vegetables that happen to mesh perfectly with her other interest: drinking. 

Bloom’s flair for cocktails blossomed after she created a drink with Douglas-fir liqueur for a gathering of arborist friends. “I put in orange bitters and vodka and soda, and it was like, bam!” She was hooked. Her current beverage of choice, the Jolly Green Machine, is a fizzy concoction of gin, St. Germain, kale, and soda. “I am queen of the kale recipes,” she declares. 

In summer, swathed in the green tendrils of an akebia vine, Bloom’s deck becomes a lush, fragrant haven. The scent of mint wafts from a cluster of terra cotta pots. A citrusy perfume drifts from a Meyer lemon plant, a kumquat tree, and an elegantly branching lemon verbena. Other cocktail -staples include oregano and -tomatoes for wholesome bloody Marys, small Lemon cucumbers and -Mexican Sour Gherkin cucumbers for crisp gin and tonics, and thyme and tarragon for a pert old-fashioned. 

It’s an intoxicating mix.


Glass Icicle with Lights Glass Gardens NW, 206-579-4185;, $130 

The Drunken Botanist, by Amy Stewart $20

BroVo+DF Douglas Fir Liqueur $30

BrazelBerries Raspberry Shortcake raspberry plant $40

Monrovia Bountiful Blue blueberry plant $43

Published: August 2013

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