Killer Antique Finds

Seattle antique curator Kassie Keith delivers advice on how to find and feature salvaged goods.

By Karen Taylor Quinn April 17, 2013 Published in the May 2013 issue of Seattle Met

Seattle native and longtime antique collector Kassie Keith just moved back from California to open her first home decor showroom. In an industrial warehouse deep in the heart of White Center, Keith displays her eccentric collection of salvaged furniture and antique rarities from around the country. Sourcing means scouring antique shops, estate sales, and dusty attics to add to her extraordinary collection of curiosities (and we do mean curious: In addition to the items shown here, she has everything from old dentist chairs to decapitated dolls). But she insists that beneath all the rust and chipping paint, there are treasures fit for even the most modern of homes. We asked her for advice on finding such treasures and how to make them work.


Perfect for: A bedroom vanity. “The large glass front is great for displaying jewelry and perfumes,” says Keith.
To buy or not to buy?To determine whether a piece is worth the price, consider its condition. This medical cabinet came from a medical antique collector in Tennessee, and Keith noticed its original knobs, locks, and hinges were all in perfect shape.
Image: Will Austin



Published: May 2013

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