Just 50 years ago, bathrooms were small, dark, unappreciated utility rooms. No more. Today’s bathrooms are retreats designed to melt away the stress of hectic lives. They’re bigger, brighter, and filled with pampering gadgets and stylish materials. None of those changes have garnered the bathroom the attention it deserves—even in our own magazine. So we’ve revisited every home we’ve featured in our pages to find the best bathrooms we neglected to show off. Each one leaves its owners feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day—if only so they can soak in the tub when it’s over. Pick and choose your own favorite features (use the resource guide on page 118) to turn your space into a spalike retreat.




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Soak in the View

When Patti King and Chris Madden decided to remodel their Leschi home, a relaxing master bath was at the top of their wish list. To free up space, they removed a second-story deck and hot tub, which allowed their new bathroom to extend an additional four feet and take in a nearly 180-degree view of Lake Washington and Mount Rainer from the floor-to-ceiling windows. King’s enthusiasm for nice long soaks inspired the couple to offer up the home’s best view to the bathroom. While Madden is usually in and out of the shower as quickly as possible, King says she loves to take baths and often lingers in the tub after an early-morning rowing session on the lake. “It’s a self-help therapy. Bathing has gone out of vogue; people are always in a rush. This is the opposite of rushing.” 



The Breakdown

Size 125 square feet. 
Floor French beige limestone from Ann Sacks. 
Fixtures Bathtub faucet by Cheviot and Axor Collection shower and sink faucets by Hansgrohe from Dawson Plumbing. 
Basin Sink by O’Brien Porcelain from Dawson Plumbing. 
Cabinets Rift-sawn white oak from Seaboard Cabinet Company. 
Countertop French beige limestone slab from Pental Granite and Marble. Tile Cream crackle ceramic from Ann Sacks. 
Lighting Illuminating Experiences collection from Lighting Supply. 

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Creature Comforts

Owner Jason Sutton wanted to turn the master suite in his Magnolia home into a spalike retreat. What he didn’t know was that his cat, a British shorthair silver tabby named Bibble, felt the same way. “Bibble likes the heated floors,” Sutton says. “I had to put in a night-light to keep from kicking him.” The space is comfortable for Sutton, a busy high-tech sales rep, as well. He asked architect John DeForest to design a space that would maximize efficiency and take into account everything about him, down to his height. The large shower window look outs to downtown, the Sound, and Mount Rainier, but stops right at Sutton’s chest. The shower opens up to the towel rack, which extends to the sink area, which opens up to his walk-in-closet, where a stackable washer and dryer save even more time. Efficient, yes, but Sutton’s favorite feature causes him to linger more than his busy lifestyle should allow. “Every morning that it’s sunny, the window casts a rainbow line across the wall,” he says, smiling. “I have no idea how that happened.” 


The Breakdown

Size 155 square feet. 
Floor Unpolished porcelain Thessa tiles from Daltile. 
Fixtures Sink and Roman tub filler and satin nickel Minimal series by Lacava, satin nickel Freehander showerhead by Grohe, and Movario series Trio hand shower by Grohe from Best Plumbing. 
Basin Acrylic Airpool by Jason from Best Plumbing. 
Cabinets Custom wood and bent-steel by Dovetail Construction. 
Countertop Walnut slab by Dovetail Construction. 
Tile Tub and shower surroundings and Milestone cement finish by Artisan Finishes. 
Lighting Design by Sidney Genette of Lighting Designs. 

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Water Closet

Ruth and Richard Whiteside faced a dilemma when remodeling the master suite in their West Seattle house. The existing bathroom, stuck between an interior wall and the master closet, was small and dark, and they wanted a room filled with light. Their architect, Ben Trogdon, switched the bathroom and the walk-in closet, which inexplicably featured a south-facing window. The result is a sun-filled room finished in three kinds of stone and natural colors that preserve the aesthetic of their 1958 Albert O. Bumgardner–designed house. Trogdon installed a new clerestory window over the double sink to bring in early-morning light, and he pushed and adjusted the floor plan to maximize every inch of the room. “It was a solution to what we had to work with,” Trogdon says. “We came out with something wonderful for the footprint. The windows create a lantern of light filtering into the bedroom; you’re drawn into the space.”

The Breakdown

Size 71 square feet.
Floor Fossil Stone from Pental Granite and Marble.
Fixtures Ultra steel finish Glance faucet and shower controls by Jado and Uno showerhead by Hansgrohe from Seattle Interiors.
Basin Ladena sink by Kohler.
Cabinets Clear vertical-grain Douglas fir with matte wet-sand finish over a semisolid stain by Daly’s Wood Finishing.
Countertop Slate Honey Tan Mosaic from Pental Granite and Marble.
Tile Slate Honey Tan Mosaic shower floor and ceiling from Pental Granite and Marble; Silvergrey shower walls from American Slate Company.
Lighting Highline Krokomobil system by Bruck Lighting Systems from Lighting Supply.

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Miles of Tiles

When interior designer Shannon M. Shugart and her architect husband Charles first heard their client’s wish list for his Queen Anne condo master bath, it sounded simple: “I want a bathtub and a shower, and I don’t want to see the toilet when I’m in the tub,” he told them. The solution, however, was anything but simple. To make room for a design that would fit the request, Charles had to expand into an adjoining bathroom and the sitting area off the master bedroom. And to meet the owner’s vision of a beautiful (but not fancy) color-filled space with a painstaking green tile mosaic on the walls, a theme carried throughout the house, Shannon hand-selected the tile colors and placed each piece individually. To bring a sense of focus to a room she feared would otherwise be too busy, she surrounded the tub in uniform tile. The soothing effect is not lost on their client, who enjoys long soaks in the tub after work.


The Breakdown

Size 120 square feet.
Floor Crema Marfil Select marble from Michelangelo Marble.
Fixtures Parma faucet from Danze.
Basin Bathtub from Ann Sacks; sink from Kohler.
Cabinets Anigre wood with custom stain by Columbia Cabinets.
Countertop Sage recycled glass and concrete from IceStone.
Tile Mosaic Bisazza tile from Ann Sacks.
Lighting Alinea lighting fixtures from Paragon International.

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Floor and Tile

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Lighting Supply 2729 Second Ave, Belltown, 206-441-5075; www.lightingsupply.net
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