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New Fitness Crazes About to Hit Big in Seattle

Pilates is the past. Forget Zumba. The new wave of workout madness will incorporate the city of Seattle itself.

By Seattle Met Staff December 19, 2017 Published in the January 2018 issue of Seattle Met

Robdobi crossfit pn5zax

Image: Rob Dobi

  • CrossFit viaduct demolition challenge: Your kettlebells are your wrecking balls.
  • Bike-share hurdles: Proper form is key to clear the Lime Bikes scattered at regular intervals.
  • There’s plenty of room for fill-ins on the Legion of Boom. Intact tendons a prerequisite. 
  • Hamilton ticket lottery MMA: Other people can’t win if they can’t stand.
  • Parkour: so hot again. When vaulting on to a light rail car, tap your Orca Card first.
  • Hill repeats to practice running for higher ground when the Big One strikes.
  • Barre3, but with Starbucks counters.
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