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Hungry? Here's Where to Order Takeout and Delivery in Seattle Right Now

Our latest picks for restaurants offering to-go food in Seattle during the coronavirus pandemic.

By Seattle Met Staff

Cafe Campagne has fries, will travel.

Image: Amber Fouts

Chef Renee Erickson put it perfectly on Instagram: "It's now or never." Restaurants already clinging to solvency by the most tenuous of threads must weather the next four weeks without dine-in customers. Our mission: Support them by bundling up (and bringing a blanket) to sit on winter-friendly patios, or by ordering lots and lots of takeout. Below are some of our favorite spots, organized by neighborhood.

Nope, this isn't a comprehensive list. But we will update it each week to spotlight as many restaurants as possible. Meanwhile, remember—bypassing those third-party apps to order directly from a restaurant helps their bottom line. Tips matter; today's extra-large order is tomorrow's fun leftovers. And, of course, we can still get pre-mixed cocktails to go. Find further dining inspiration in our Pike Place Market guide, plus our recent mega-lists of takeout-friendly pizza and burgers. Consider these meals an investment in making sure the places you love—the ones that give our city texture—will still be here. Now and forever.

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