Home (Voluntarily This Time) for the Holidays

Where to Order Your Christmas Takeout

'Tis the season...to eat cinnamon rolls or mashed potatoes in your sweatpants.

By Seattle Met Staff

You can re-use all those takeout containers as gift boxes. (Just kidding...that's gross.)

The darkest days of Covid are behind us (quickly knocks on wood) but takeout meals for Christmas and other holidays might be a legacy that remains. When Advent calendars are stripped of chocolate and the Elf on the Shelf finally bounces, these local restaurants will be ready with heat-at-home brunches, classic turkeys, even enviable spreads of Lebanese desserts. 

We will update this small, but mighty list as new options surface. This should go without saying, but pre-orders are imperative. (And if you're looking for dine-in Christmas options, we've got you.)

Plum Bistro

Capitol Hill

Makini Howell’s vegan Christmas menu is a tribute to her father—and flavors of the American South. Order a whole dinner centered on a maple glazed smoked seitan roast or country fried tofu steaks, or hit the a la carte offerings for cornbread, mashed potatoes and gravy (again, all plant based), or Howell’s famed mac and yease. Gluten free diners will find lots to like here too. Order by December 21.

Lady Jaye

West Seattle

The smoked meat playhouse’s focus on meat-and-three meals extends to its Christmas takeout spreads. Choose a main (half a smoked rib roast, smoked pork loin roast, wagyu brisket pot roast, turkey drum confit). Then pick three choices from the ample list of sides (honestly it’s tough to narrow it down).

STK Steakhouse


A $79 prime rib dinner special includes all the fixings: black truffle madeira sauce, green beans, confit fingerling potatoes. It’s available December 23–25 for dine in and takeout.

Eden Hill

Queen Anne

Christmas Day is for brunch. Specifically for a four-person lineup of shoulder bacon shakshuka, kale salad, smoked salmon on everything crackers, and cinnamon rolls. Pick up this $175 menu for some light reheating at home.

The George


The Fairmont Hotel’s flagship restaurant will cook up an entire, enormous turkey plus various sides. Order by December 18 for pickup on the 24th and 25th.

Damoori Kitchen


This low-key, charming Lebanese restaurant has built a versatile a la carte menu to fortify at-home Christmas (or Christmas Eve) festivities. Menu options abound, from a leg of lamb entree to stuffed eggplant, grain side dishes, potato and leek gratin, and walnut baklava. Preorder by December 21 and pickup on the 23rd.

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