Important developments in the Capitol Hill bagelverse.

I still miss the Wandering Goose and its superlative biscuits, but at least that shotgun space on 15th Avenue has a bright new, carb-filled chapter ahead of it.

Rubinstein Bagels opens its second location here this Friday, October 15. Founder Andrew Rubinstein famously went from home-baking bagel dad to purveyor of some of the town’s very best sourdough-based everything and poppyseed specimens. Late last year, he opened his first dedicated shop in the Via6, near the Spheres. The baskets of bagels (all the classic flavors, plus smart dalliances like salted rosemary, chocolate chip, or jalapeno white cheddar) and expansive sandwich lineup drew crowds. Even in some of our darkest pandemic days; even in an unusual semi-open counter space in a neighborhood geared toward offices.

This second location is more of what Rubinstein had envisioned for his first bagel shop, he says—a handsome old brick building with a mural by Bow How Workshop and strong neighborhood vibes.

Baking still happens at the original location, but the Capitol Hill menu will look much the same: Olympia coffee; all those sandwiches; cool schmears like black truffle or mango chutney. Rubinstein’s fantastic duck matzo ball soup will be here, too. He envisions bagel deliveries once, even twice a day to keep up with volume. Hours will also be the same, 7–3, daily.

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