Edouardo Jordan opened Salare in 2015.

Editor’s note: Five days after Edouardo Jordan made this announcement, the Seattle Times published a story chronicling accusations of sexual misconduct or unwanted touching by more than a dozen former female employees. Seattle Met stands in strong opposition to this type of behavior.

In so many ways, it feels like Seattle’s restaurant community is turning a corner (albeit one sharpened by a hell of a staffing shortage) but the casualties aren’t done yet: Edouardo Jordan announced today he’s closing his original restaurant, Salare.

On Instagram, Jordan described Salare as “my baby, yet the mother, where I could flex my muscles as a Chef, and where I dodged being typecast as a 'Black chef' who only cooked Soul Food.”

Back when the restaurant opened in 2015, Seattle knew Jordan as the former chef de cuisine of Matt Dillon’s Bar Sajor in Pioneer Square. In just a few years, he’d go on to open JuneBaby and earn national recognition, not to mention two James Beard Awards in a single night. But at Salare, Jordan wove his Southern background into a menu of charcuterie and pasta and other dishes that spoke to his training at places like the French Laundry, Per Se, the Herbfarm, and a sojourn in Parma.

Before Covid shut down the dining room, Salare was a place where you could find schnitzel and feijoada next to one another on the brunch menu. At dinnertime, housemade pasta shared table space with sturgeon in coconut milk and pikliz, plus one of the town’s most elegant kids menus.

Since the pandemic, takeout sales have fluctuated, Jordan says. With everything else going on, "Trying to even consider reopening was a bit too much." He instituted a rotating dinner that explores a particular food culture, and layered his pimento cheese on a new “180 burger,” so named because it represented a 180-degree swerve from the sort of food he was serving before we all retreated to our houses.

Salare will close July 3. “It was a fun ride,” says Jordan. “A lot of growing, learning, and finding self.”

Meanwhile, his second restaurant, JuneBaby, will reopen for dine-in on June 16, after more than a year of takeout. The dining room will have a new door connecting it to Jordan’s adjacent Lucinda Grain Bar, to add a bit more seating.


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