Covid-Proof Omakase

Seattle Sushi Legend Shiro Kashiba Enters the World of Takeout

This limited edition dinner to-go still feels like a special occasion.

By Allecia Vermillion May 28, 2020

Limited edition and autographed—like a rare trading card that you can eat.

It's gonna be a minute before we can sit at a sushi bar again, and even in the best of times, the seats before Shiro Kashiba at his Pike Place Market restaurant are a tough get. So, in a funny roundabout way, the sushi maestro's decision to offer a takeout omakase at Sushi Kashiba makes his food slightly more accessible, with a little planning.

This weekend, the man who brought sushi to Seattle in the 1960s debuts a $100 dinner box designed in the vein of his signature omakase—10 pieces of sushi, 9 pieces of sashimi, his signature black cod and tamago dishes, and a rice side. Customers can opt for a champagne or sake pairing, but presumably must supply their own charming banter.

While Kashiba certainly offered takeout at previous points in his career, this is a first for his current restaurant, which opened in late 2015. His version, formally dubbed the Limited Edition Omakase Dinner Box, is designed specifically to travel, aka no fried spot prawn heads. Order via Tock and pick up at the restaurant.

Sushi Kashiba will sell just 25 a night, starting this Friday and Saturday; next week the restaurant adds Thursday takeout to the lineup. Rumor has it, the chef himself will sign each box for the inaugural weekend, ensuring his presence is part of dinner even if he can't be there to hand over each course in person.

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