The Girl Scouts Are Throwing a Parade for a Brand New Lemon Cookie

The parade for the new Lemon-Up cookie starts Friday at noon.

By Marisa Comeau-Kerege February 28, 2020

Shug's will be handing out free ice cream sandwiches.

Never fear, Girl Scout cookie season is here, and thanks to the brand-new Lemon-Up, it’s more confidence-boosting than ever: Each of the tart shortbread cookies is stamped with a motivational message, like “I am gutsy,” or, “I am an innovator.” I am hungry. 

The Seattle scouts will go the extra mile today with a Lemon Cookie Parade starting at Westlake Park at noon and working its way down to Victor Steinbrueck Park. Shug’s Soda Fountain will be serving up ice cream sandwiches made with the cookies (which they’ll continue selling at their 1st and Pine location after the parade’s finished). Parade queen and Trophy Cupcake founder Jennifer Shea will also be there, handing out mini cupcakes along the way, according to Puget Sound Business Journal

Replacing those downtrodden, powdered sugar-covered Savannah Smiles (a good move on the Scouts’ part), the Lemon-Ups will now be sold alongside Lemonades. Though which one you get will depend on where you live.

The Girl Scouts of America began selling cookies in 1936, hiring on the Keebler-Weyl Baking Company (now the Keebler Company) to help increase availability. As the years went on, more companies joined the ranks of scout-affiliated bakeries until the 1990s, when the National Council of the Girl Scouts decided to limit production to just ABC Bakers (a part of Interbake Foods) and Little Brownie Bakers (a part of the Keebler Company). 

The two each have control over the way they make the classic cookies, which is why cookie names and designs sometimes vary across state lines. Little Brownie Bakers, which covers most of the country and pretty much all of the Pacific Northwest, bakes the classic Samoa (which blows ABC Bakers’ Caramel deLite out of the water). The Lemon-Ups are also a Little Brownie Bakers exclusive. If you’re as into geographic cookie competition as I am, that’s definitely worth throwing a parade for.  

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