Georgetown's Bar Ciudad to Close, Making Way for Italian Eatery

Don't mourn Bar Ciudad: Owner Marcus Lalario couldn't be more excited about what's taking its place.

By Zoe Sayler December 27, 2019

What a lovely place to eat handmade pasta.

Well, folks, we've got a last-minute entry to the list of Seattle establishments whose memories will be relegated to the 2010s: On December 30, Bar Ciudad (next door to the eponymous and currently safe grill) will serve its last rotisserie chicken.

But in place of the mourning period that you might expect to come with the closure of a neighborhood favorite—especially one that serves a whiskey cocktail called “Zesty Boi”—Bar Ciudad will undergo a metamorphosis of sorts, cocooning for a few months in preparation for its “new identity" as a small-menu Italian eatery with a focus on handmade pasta. (Don't worry, Bar Ciudad patrons—there'll be drinks, too.)

Ciudad owner Marcus Lalario is no stranger to shifting gears. He’s had his hands in all sorts of Seattle cuisine—from Li’l Woody’s reliable burgers (and habit-forming queso fries), to Fat’s Chicken and Waffles...uh, chicken and waffles. His entrepreneurial ventures range from streetwear that aims to “unfuck the world” to nightlife that succeeds, in party terms, at the opposite. The only common thread that links all of his projects, so far as I can tell, is Instagrammability. 

But this new restaurant is particularly close to Lalario's heart. His family's from Northern Italy, and he's spent plenty of time there familiarizing himself with the cuisine (for business purposes, of course). 

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do," he told me. "I just wanted to make sure when I did do it, I did it right." If he didn't, he’d never hear the end of it from his Italian dad.

We can join Lalario’s dad in making that judgement call when the new, as-yet-unnamed restaurant opens sometime in early Spring. It’s not goodbye. It’s ciu later.

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