Bottoms Up for Mother Earth

Drink the Change Brings Together Climate Action and Cocktails

Starting October 21, a slew of Seattle spots sling libations for a good cause—planet Earth.

By Courtney Cummings October 16, 2019

The La Lima Final cocktail calls attention to agricultural disruption caused by global warming. 

You already know Negroni Week, in which bars and restaurants fix up the titular cocktail for a seven-day fundraiser. In a similar vein Climate Cocktail Week, whose inaugural event runs October 21 through 27, will raise money via booze. Drink the Change, the nonprofit climate organization behind this whole event, will host different pop-up cocktail menus at locales around Seattle and beyond to bring awareness to the ever-changing climate of our world.

Each Drink the Change cocktail will call attention to a specific problem happening in our climate right now. The Cane and Roil, based on the classic drink Corn 'N Oil, reminds imbibers that water and oil don’t mix—in a glass or in our oceans. The Carbon Drop is full of CO2 to make it sufficiently carbonated, but isn’t overdone the way it is in our atmosphere. Other drinks shed light on the warming of the earth, the agricultural disruption of crops, and our dying oyster population. You get the apocalyptic picture.

Saigon Siblings' beverage director Jon Christiansen, the production mastermind behind the event (alongside co-producers Robin Garthwait and Dan Griffin), wants to use the momentum of climate change in our current political discourse to spark action. This first-ever Climate Cocktail Week will include six western states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Alaska). Christiansen hopes to take this idea national next year and host round two in September 2020—right before the presidential election.

Participating restaurants and bars are encouraged, though not required, to contribute proceeds made from Climate Cocktail Week after the event is over. The money will go to different environmental groups including Conservation International, Ocean Conservancy,, and the League of Conservation Voters.

A list of all Seattle bars participating this year can be found on the Drink the Change website. So go ahead and order another round, it’s for a good cause.

Climate Cocktail Week
Oct 21–27, Various Locations, A la carte

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