Meat. Seafood. Cocktails. A party with Mount Hood as the backdrop. Sign us up, stat.

Summer—summer weather at least—is upon us, which means one thing: outdoor cookery. And two of the Pacific Northwest's utmost food events are nearly here—and so are the tickets, which disappear in the blink of a rib...eye. (Sorry about that.) Here are the details, thus far, on these mightily meaty happenings.

Burning Beast

July 14
Rain or shine, fire-licked meats—cow, lamb, the offal parts therein—will happen. Burning Beast, Terra Plata chef-owner Tamara Murphy's playful take on Burning Man, but with arguably better food and possibly less nudity, returns for its open-field cookout. Since 2008, Murphy has corralled Seattle chefs (this year's list includes Jack Timmons of Jack's BBQ, Kamonegi's Mutsuko Soma, Musang's Melissa Miranda, John Sundstrom and Rosie Cisneros of Lark, pasta lord Mike Easton, and more) to a bucolic 360 acres where they wield fire against beast as humankind has done for hundreds of thousands of years. Add some more modern creature comforts and you've got yourself an idyllic summer Sunday. Smoke Farm (Arlington, Washington), $129

Wild About Game

Oct 6
Imagine this: It’s early fall when the last rays of summer are clinging to the ever-shorter days, and you’re surrounded by lush hills and lusher forests. Oh, and, game meat. There’s meat—smoked, grilled, cured, you name it—everywhere. Welcome to Wild About Game. The 19th annual food festival returns to the slopes of Oregon’s Mount Hood on October 6 (tickets go live on July 9), when four chefs from Seattle and four from Portland duke it out for culinary regional prowess. The cook-off determines, essentially, who has the ultimate game meat meat game on lock. Welches, Oregon, $75