No, it's not actually Shake Shack. Don't think we didn't joke about it, though.

For six years now, our food and drink team has ferreted out a Restaurant of the Year—a new spot we adore, often a place that captures the prevailing dining climate in the city. We keep this restaurant’s identity tightly under wraps for months. Until the morning of our annual Secret Supper, when trusting folks who bought tickets to this mystery venue receive an email that divulges the whereabouts of that night’s dinner. It’s my favorite event of the year, a moment when all the joy and fizzy enthusiasm we pour into our annual Best New Restaurants issue comes to life, via marvelous food, and free-flowing drinks. 

This year’s Secret Supper happens Monday, October 22. Tickets just went on sale; the $125 price tag includes a multi-course dinner, wine pairings, tax, and tip. 

Some years the field is wide open until the end. In others, the ROTY is abundantly clear by February. Without giving too much away, I’ll say our 2018 honoree was dear to my heart for months. After parsing all its various merits with editor in chief James Ross Gardner, and overthinking it to the max, I caught my food and drink colleague, Rosin Saez, totally off guard one afternoon and demanded to know what place she would choose if we had to make a decision right now this very moment. Her pick was the same as mine. And so it was ordained.

Buy tickets right over here and be among the first to celebrate the restaurant that won us over.

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