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Sun Liquor Is Put Up for Sale. Its Closure Looms.

Its Sun Liquor sibling on Pike/Pine closed last June. Meanwhile, owner Michael Klebeck is focusing on wholesale side of the business.

By Rosin Saez March 7, 2018

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Of all the tiki bars in Seattle, you want to walk into this one.

There are bars, and then there are neighborhood cocktail dens. The original Sun Liquor on Summit Avenue is the latter. It's a place far enough removed from Capitol Hill nightlife so that it's not overwhelmingly slammed, but still feels full—of people, of energy, of the exact right amount of tiki drinks and rum flights. It's a nightcap stop for something made with the bar's namesake vodka and grapefruit juice, extracted with the swing of lever. Amongst faux tropic environs, friends pile into bamboo chairs and dates perch at the bartop. 

Alas, this particular neighborhood den is on sale by owner Michael Klebeck for $195,000. The posting says its "truly turnkey." Sun Liquor name, though, not included. The current lease is through May 2019, so there's no word on any closure date as of yet.

Klebeck confirmed to Capitol Hill Seattle Blog this week that the sale is a part of his plan to focus on Sun Liquor's wholesale business. Slight silver lining: more gin, rum, and vodka for all.

When Sun Liquor Distillery on East Pine shutter last summer, Klebeck had already moved its production operations to a larger warehouse, shifting more focus on onto the manufacturing of Sun Liquor spirits. The writing might have been on the bathroom wall all along.

So with that—anyone want to buy a bar?

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