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Local bars are banning together to support Hurricane Harvey relief through an unlikely vehicle: whiskey.

While the Pacific Northwest is under an ominous cloud of smoke and ash, parts of the southern United States and the Caribbean are completely under water.  Fires, ashes, hurricanes, floods—the world feels a little too apocalyptic for comfort right now. A welcome bright spot during these dark times: a few local businesses are coming up with creative (and delicious) ways to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey's wrath.

Succulent Catering

Can you think of any better way to support Houston than stuffing yourself with Tex Mex? As part of the monthly Nourished Neighborhood: Community Meals series, on September 13 Succulent Catering takes over Atrium Kitchen in Pike Place Market to cook up the best of Texas: squash, pepper, and onion veggie fajitas, pepper and onion chicken fajitas, cucumber tomato salad with pepita-cilantro dressing, and cinnamon and chile chocolate cake to top it all off. Best part, this is an entirely donation-based event so you can give as much as you want, and Succulent Catering will match that donation to send to the Houston Food Bank.

Drink to Help

A perfect excuse to indulge and not feel too guilty: 15 local bars are joining forces to raise money for a Hurricane Harvey relief fund—and, okay, raise Seattle's collective blood alcohol level. But it's all for a good cause. Participating venues (including Piatti Ristorante and Bar, Witness, Bastille, Liberty, and Cursed Oak) are donating $2 of every Maker's Mark cocktail they sell to the Red Cross from September 4–10. Hurry in, sip on something whiskey-based, and do your part (however tipsy you may get in the process).

And don't forget: Hula Hula is still running its fundraising efforts through September 11.

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