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Oh that little thing? That's just a beef jerky sidekick.

Image: Rosin Saez

The Starbucks Reserve Roastery on Pike/Pine is where coffee selfies are snapped amongst copper piping, latte foam 'stache be damned. Groups are bellied up to wood bars, slurping up single origin roasts at cupping sessions. And people are really trying to work on their laptops somehow despite the bass-heavy house music—Norah Jones on repeat, anyone? No? Oh, it's also also the site of one very exclusive cup of cold brew, only available at this location for a limited time.

The Pepper Nitro with a Jerky Twist is a new addition to the Starbucks Roastery lineup as of July 31. And oh boy are people buzzing about a little grassfed beef jerky in your morning cup of Joe. The new cold brew concoction in question consists of Starbucks Reserve Eastern D.R. Congo Lake Kivu coffee (that has a heartening backstory), plus a malted pepper syrup, a thick layer of cold, shaken milk froth, a light dusting of cracked pink peppercorn, and a said beef jerky adornment. 

It sounds like a lot. But the drink itself is mellow. The nitro cold brew is light, but nice. As for the peppery notes, I should've brought my own grinder from home. And the jerky, the somewhat controversial skewer of meat that has some dubbing it weirder than a "flavor-changing, color-changing" Unicorn Frappuccino? It wasn't that weird. It was good. And now I'm hungry.


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