With Their Powers Combined

The New South Seattle Brewery Coalition Encourages Disloyalty

That is to say: Drink more of everyone’s beer.

By Rosin Saez February 24, 2017

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South Seattle Brewery Coalition's handy guide map.

In the birthplace of Seattle Brewing and Malting Company and Rainier Beer, the city’s beer scene is still very much alive, and evidently collaborative. This Saturday, during the statewide Washington Beer Open House, 14 breweries will spread the good word on their new alliance dubbed South Seattle Brewery Coalition.

Chris Smith of Lowercase Brewing attributes the coalition's birth to simultaneous invention. Jeff Howell, operations manager at Counterbalance Brewing, was kicking around the idea to join forces with other area brewers; meanwhile, Smith and his crew were hellbent on designing beer routes for taproom-hopping drinkers. And after just three meetings since January, the South Seattle Brewery Coalition—which in this case means SoDo, Georgetown, Rainier Valley, and South Park—has created a handy map and guide to 14 taprooms, divided into three metro-theme routes.

And it’s all in the name of drinking more of everyone’s beer. Put another way: “Be disloyal. Drink Everywhere.” That motto comes from the mind of Joel VandenBrink, cofounder of Two Beers Brewing, which only makes total sense as his brewery's own catchy tagline is “life is just a little more honest after two beers.”

The guide also answers the big questions like, Can I bring my dog? Or Can I bring my toddler? Or Should I bring my own pizza? You know, the important stuff.

“We think it could be a lot bigger than it is now,” says Smith. This could mean future beer festivals in south Seattle, events, and more, but for now it’s all about routing your ideal path to more beer.

As the newest brew on the block, Jellyfish Brewing is on the map, though not officially open quite yet; they’re aiming to debut in May. And Elysian, which opened its 35,000 square foot production facility on Airport Way in 2011, has finally made room for a taproom. It’s also set to open soon.

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