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Come December, look for Thackeray right about here. Photo via

The restaurant group behind Barrio, Purple, Lot No. 3, and the new-ish Meet the Moon on Lake Washington is making plans in Wallingford—Heavy Restaurant Group will open a 160-seat restaurant called Thackeray at the foot of Stone Way.

Heavy Restaurant Group's last project borrowed its name from Robert Frost’s poem Going for Water. This time around the literary homage is more overt, paying tribute to William Makepeace Thackeray, the 19th-century English novelist and satirist. The Heavy folks point out that one of his most famed works, Vanity Fair, helped bring the term "Bohemian" into common parlance. The free spirit and eclecticism connoted therein will be present in the restaurant, says the website,...along with some Mediterranean overtones.

Thackeray will serve lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch, the menu encompassing anything from braised meatball subs to hamachi crudo to risotto made with ancient grains. And a burger, naturally. The bar menu includes a lineup of Spanish-style gin and tonics (or gin tonics, if you want to be more Spanish about it). The cocktail program (lots of aperitivi, amari, and some sipping vermouth) is the product of two very talented guys: Heavy spirits director Casey Robison, and Thackeray bar manager Ricardo Hoffman.

Right now Thackeray is aiming for a December open in the Brooks HQ building at 3400 Stone Way N, specifically the corner space at 35th and Stone, across the street from the Fremont Collective, home to Joule and the Whale Wins.

There's already a good amount of info on the website, but Facebook seems like a good place to keep tabs on its progress.


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