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Mana chef Colin Patterson's handy work with local ingredients and foraged greens. Photo via Mana/Facebook


Mana Restaurant
When Wallingford restaurant Sutra closed last year, vegetarians and omnivores alike cried into their wildflower-topped salads...kind of like nature’s vinaigrette, but foraged, if you will. Now former Sutra chef Colin Patterson and partner Amber Tande are opening their new plant-based restaurant in Leavenworth August 5.

Coffee Tree and Poke
The craze continues as the Hawaiian raw fish staple known as poke can now be found at this First Hill cafe, reports Eater Seattle. Owner Ryan Lee opened this second Coffee Tree location at the end of July. Please note that poke bowls and poke balls are two totally different trends. That is all.

In The Works

The restaurant force that is the Huxley Wallace Collective will roll out another new restaurant. This time it lands in South Lake Union. Come mid-August Josh Henderson himself will step back into the kitchen, or rather, in front of a nearly seven-foot long coal-fired hearth. Here diners can see Henderson at work at the chef’s counter a few nights a week.

Brunch Buzz

Meanwhile in Redmond, this restaurant will be launching everyone and their mom’s favorite meal: brunch. Come August 13, look forward to brunch from 9 to 3, which will have a Woodblock Benedict made with pork belly or salmon cake, an egg, cheese, and harissa aioli breakfast sandwich, and more.

Upper Bar Ferdinand
During the week, at this Chophouse Row restaurant you’ll find food to be unscripted, elemental, madly unbound by expectation,” per Seattle Met restaurant critic Kathryn Robinson. Sundays, though, are another matter. Brunch will begin this Sunday, running 11 to 3, and there will oven-roasted pizza and boutique wines from Barrique Imports. Pizza and wine; this is a no-brainer.


The Spanish Table
Seattle still mourns the loss of independent shop City Kitchens after it closed three years ago. Now this Pike Place house of Spanish wares will close its doors at the end of August. Quick: paella pans of every width will soon sell out, but you have all month to say adios.

Refresh Frozen Desserts and Espresso
Up on Capitol Hill, this cafe-slash-soft-serve spot had its last day on July 31. Owners announced on Facebook, “We want to send our sincerest gratitude to all of you for your encouragement, support, and love. Throughout this past year, we were able to build a welcoming community space creating new relationships and partnerships, and rekindling old ones.” Who will fill the ube ice cream–shaped hole in our hearts now?

OMG Celebs

Adele at Lark
Last week, a certain Brit was in town for a couple nights of sad lyrics and onstage cursing. She also happened to give a shout to the “lovely” pork chop she had at John Sundstrom’s Lark. Thanks, Adele, for saving your kind words for meat and your melancholy for music.


Cupcake Royale
Come for the cupcakes, stay for the ice cream, or in this case the newly debuted raspberry kombucha sorbet. It's made with Schuh Farms berries and the Central District's Communitea Kombucha

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