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Kids. Cute in both human and goat form. Photo via Puget Sound Goat Rescue

The beering in Ballard is no doubt legit, with about 10 breweries pouring local ales including Reuben's Brews. Since 2013, cofounder and brewmaster Adam Robbings has hosted Thank You Thursdays at the brewery in which $1 from every pint, flight, and growler fill gets donated to a local nonprofit du jour. And next Thursday, August 18, Puget Sound Goat Rescue will be the organization of the week...and they're bringing baby goats, y'all.

“And all I said was, How about you guys bring a couple of goats for people to see or something?” suggested Robbings, a longtime animal advocate himself. PSGR agreed, put up a Facebook event, and promptly broke the Internet with now over 24,000 people interested in attending. While it's not likely that many will attend, upward of 6,000 people have Facebook-committed to going.

So, crowds of Seattleites imbibing Crikey IPAs plus baby goats call for a bit of coordinating magic. They've created a handy graphic which outlines the petting process: Get in line to receive your ticket to baby goat time, have a beer or two and perhaps a burger from Burgerphenia while you wait, then join seven others for your designated session of cuteness.

“If I've learned anything this year,” says Robbings, “Beer and goats go together.” No kidding.

Baby Goats and Brews is Thursday, August 18, at Reuben's Brews from noon until 8. It's highly recommended to arrive early, especially if you're interested in some baby goat time, which is not necessarily guaranteed. Also, PSGR notes, “We do not adopt out goats at events.” There you have it: you can touch, but you can't take it home.

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