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Here's Some Excellent Instagram Bait at 11 Seattle Bars and Restaurants

Remember when people used to go to a restaurant for the food?

By Emma Engelfried August 4, 2016

 Let's set Pokemon aside for a minute—some bars and restaurants have become destinations just as much for the Instagram appeal as for what they serve. Break out your filter of choice and hashtag these Insta-worthy destinations around town. 

 The Cougar Room at Vito's
"What happens in the Cougar Room stays in the Cougar Room." There's really no way anything could get out of Vito's private room, carpeted from floor to ceiling, lacking windows, and guarded by Barbara, a life-size taxidermy cougar. Anything except that pic you snapped of Barbara drinking a tiki-inspired cocktail. #wholetthecatsout

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Image via @vitosseattle/Instagram

Dunbar Room at The Sorrento Hotel 
You don't have to be staying at the more-than-a-century old Sorrento Hotel to feel like you've stepped back in time. While it has seen a few iterations, the Sorrento's current dining spot, the Dunbar Room, begs for top hats and that little black dress. #classyseattle

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Image via @zeeeeee/Instagram

Ellenos Greek Yogurt at Pike Place
Ellenos Greek yogurt is delicious, and tastes so much better with an iconic backdrop. #betterthanicecream

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Image via @sweetnseattle/Instagram

Lark's Starry Ceiling
Just in case you need a reason besides Adele liking the pork chop to pay a visit to John Sundstrom's Lark, its airy relocation on Capitol Hill also has a really cool ceiling, covered in pendant lights that look like stars. #alfresco

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Image via @bayleafonwhidbey/Instagram

Montana Bar Graffiti
Its impossible to run out of things to talk about at Montana. The dive's graffiti-clad interior makes for the perfect conversation starter. Find a gem and share it with the Insta world. #writteninstone

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Image via @pouringrainspirits/Instagram 

Purple Cafe Wine Tower 
There is more than one Purple Cafe, but only the downtown Seattle location is home to a behemoth cylindrical centerpiece that serves as bottle storage. #winedingstaircase 

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Image via @michellesordi/Instagram

Salty’s on Alki View
Plenty of Seattle restaurants can claim a view, but none is quite so brilliant on a sunny day as the cityscape seen from this brunch-with-your-parents stalwart. #surfsup 

Screen shot 2016 07 27 at 12.12.09 pm rpoiec

Image via @nataliedarrowbarnes/Instagram

Sam’s Bloody Mary
Sam's Tavern does not mess around when it comes to hangover cures. The bar starts with a classic bloody Mary then adds celery, pickled asparagus, lime, a skewer of pepper jack cheese, a little smoky, tomato, and olive, and... a mini burger. Save yourself a few posts and 'gram a pic of breakfast, lunch, and dinner all at once. #theresamealinmydrink

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Image via @jocymaee/Instagram 

Scout’s Patchwork Bear
Josh Henderson's newest restaurant in the Thompson hotel is woodland cabin meets upscale hotel restaurant complete with vintage Boy Scout mugs and booths swathed in colorful plaid. To really add to the outdoorsy feel, there's a life-size, patchwork bear at the entrance. Give him a hug and say cheese. #bearhug

Screen shot 2016 07 26 at 1.48.49 pm u73xxo

Image via @scoutpnw/Instagram 

Slow Boat Tavern
We were all thinking it, this Hillman City neighborhood spot just said it... in neon. #sorrynotsorry

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Image via @calebt0123/Instagram

Beecher’s Cheesemaking Window
A visit to Seattle is not complete without a pic, better yet a boomerang or video, of the mongers at Beecher’s Cheese actually making the stuff in their 1,000 square foot, entirely windowed kitchen. #thecurdistheword

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