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A James Beard Award is great, but love from Adele is another matter entirely. Photo via KeyArena's Facebook page.

Adele, the British pop star with some of the most heart-wrenching lyrics around, played the first of her two sold out shows at KeyArea last night. Sources say she wowed the crowd will her soulful voice, reduced her swear word count from previous performances, and there was some actual "rain" involved.

But let's get down to what's really important: A few attendees confirmed that while chatting about her time in Seattle Adele gave a shout out to John Sundstrom's Capitol Hill restaurant Lark, saying something along the lines of "I went to Lark and had a pork chop. Which was lovely."

So cheers to Lark and their "lovely" pork chop. I now know where my next date night will be. 


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