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Caffeinated summer drink of the moment: a cold brew float at Starbucks Roastery. Photo via Starbucks Roastery Instagram


Craftworks Coffee
After about a month-long soft opening, this Lower Queen Anne multiroaster coffee bar opened June 29. It settled in, interestingly enough, just across the street from another cafe with a similar rotating roaster concept, La Marcozzo Showroom and Cafe in the new KEXP building. This being Seattle, there is no coffee corner dibs.

Foreign National
Say hello to a disco ball–adorned bar with a rosy-hued bathroom First Lady Eisenhower would get behind. Yup, Stateside’s sibling bar next door has officially opened this week. Clocking in at just over 25 seats, it’s a cool and cozy space. So if you can squeeze in, look forward to drinks like a Singapore Sling and a Long Thailand iced tea, and snacks such as fresh rice noodle pho cuon rolls.

Chef/owner Shaun McCrain and his wife/business partner Jill Kinney will open their long-awaited restaurant in Ballard next week. Come July 5, dine on McCrain’s contemporary American fare, or even take some home with you at their Copine Project retail space when it opens in August.

Old Ballard Liquor Company
A Scandinavian spirit can get a little lonely in a taproom. So owner Lexi has opened a cafe focused on Nordic, Danish, and Swedish fare to pair with their lineup of aquavits. See yourself to smoked herring, salt-cured lamb, oh, and fika coffee break with Herkimer Coffee and baked treats in the afternoon.


Plum Bistro
Makini Howell is breathing plant-based life into Manhattan, the former steak house on 12th Avenue, reports Capitol Hill Seattle. Makini plans to expand into the space, which is just a few skips away from her Plum Bistro, using the kitchen for catering and sweetening up the joint with another Sugar Plum vegan dessert bar.


Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room
Power couple of the week? Espresso and ice cream. This Starbucks on Pike Street takes its coffee experience decidedly more seriously than its frappuccino-filled brethen. But to fill that dessert-shaped hole, they’ve started serving Mora Ice Cream in the form of affogato—espresso shots poured over scoops of ice cream—plus a cold brew coffee float, a coffee malt milkshake, and more.


Updated on July 6, 2016: We originally reported that Fuji Bakery in Interbay announced its closure on Facebook. That was incorrect and we regret the error.


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