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How do you get Cheetos dust out of car upholstery? iPhone photo via Rosin Saez


Love mac-and-cheese but hate spooning it into your mouth? Burger King has heard you. In a Liz Lemon fever dream come true, Burger King has conjured up a combo snack of three cheesy all-American comfort foods in one: mozzarella sticks, macaroni and cheese, and Cheetos. This radioactive baby carrot–colored love child deep fries impressively(?) dense mac-and-cheese coated in a crunchy Cheetos breading. Seattle, meet the new Mac-and-Cheetos.

The fast food gimmick tested the waters in California in the latter part of June, then officially debuted these bright orange cheese sticks at participating stores nationwide on June 27. It’s available just for a limited amount of time and according to one Seattle Burger King employee, “people have been going crazy for them.” He suspects that their cache of Cheetos-crusted treats won’t last long. 

They sell for around $2.50 for a box of five. Pro tip: Try to fight the urge to order cheesy blasters.

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