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Cofounder Ryan Hilliard. This faux–old timey photograph from our beer issue in 2012 has even more resonance given today's news.

Odin Brewing Company announced on Facebook today it has acquired Hilliard's Beer, the Ballard brewery that helped usher in the city's latest wave of craft beer, complete with stylish cans and the 12th Can Pale Ale that becomes ubiquitous during Seahawks season.

The terms of the agreement sound like a wise move for Odin—which produces good stuff, but does so very quietly—but prompt some sorrow among Hilliard's fans. Odin will begin producing familiar Hilliard's brands in its own facility in Tukwila, while the Hilliard's facility in Ballard (every bit as cool looking as the cans) will go up for sale.

A quote in the Facebook post from Odin owner Dan Lee says the acquisition will help his company "grow our capacity, improve our packaging capabilities and grow share" in a market where people guzzle local beer as fast as brewers can make it.

Anyone want to buy a brewery in Ballard? I can't imagine that space will stay empty for long.


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