Metier jevgzg

Metier with the lycra dudes and the fine kitchen.

Image: Facebook

A bike cafe is simply a bike shop with a restaurant, and in the June Seattle Met I review two new ones situated just blocks from each other near Seattle U.

One, Metier on Union, is the shiny lycra-clad racer of the two—complete with $300 helmets for sale and its own cycling team. It’s all about Belgian waffles and a wide array of libations, coffee to beer to wine to booze.

The other, Peloton, has a fixie soul and a bike messenger clientele—and a menu of brunch and lunch foods that will almost certainly surprise you.

And while we’re on the subject: Don’t forget that other “bike cafe” in town, Josh Henderson’s new Saint Helens Cafe. Unlike the others, this spot won’t fix your flat or sell you a helmet. But it is located right on the Burke Gilman Trail, that home of the third constituency of bike riders in town—recreational trail peddlers for whom a big patio is all the excuse they need to park it for a big frothy pint.

Happy cycling.