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Chef Brian O'Connor, formerly of Skillet Diner and Roux, is opening a Korean-style fried chicken joint called Bok a Bok next week in White Center.

As his past roles imply, O'Connor is well practiced in the Southern style of frying chicken, but here he's focusing on Korea's spicier, crunchier version of fried bird. He likens the crunch of this chicken to that of a potato chip, "almost auditory."

Bok a Bok will serve this chicken with spicy sauces, biscuits, and various sides. There will also be rice bowls with chicken, kimchi, and a poached egg, plus internationally styled fried chicken sandwiches.

Drink options are similarly cross-cultural: The 20-seat space, will offer splits of champagne, soju (as is or in slushie form), and both local and imported beers, which you can take to go or consume on the premises. 

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O'Connor sees similarities in Southern, Creole, and Asian cooking and hospitality styles. They both emphasize "deep, intense flavors," he says, and "a lot of thought behind the procedures of making food." Hence the pairing of Korean chicken and Southern biscuits. There's also O'Connor's love of Asian food, which he admits to eating some variation of five nights a week. 

With his new location, O'Connor hopes to help put White Center on the map by attracting other chefs to set up shop there too; he's also seeking a nearby home for his Same Same Noodle Bar project

Bok a Bok is scheduled to open June 1 with hours from 11am–11pm (chicken supplies permitting) on the corner of SW 98th St and 16th Ave SW. Follow them on Facebook for updates. 

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