Hand-pulled noodles topped with chili oil at Xi'An Noodle.

Getting a taste of Xi'an-style noodles used to require a trek to the suburbs, to either Miah's Kitchen or Qin. Now, a new shop is set to open in the University District this weekend to bring handmade noodle goodness to the Ave.

Xi'an Noodles' owner Lily Wu wants her store to be a "reminder of home" for her Chinese customers, and an authentic experience for anyone new to the region's specialty biang biang noodles. Her restaurant features a semi-open kitchen, so if you're lucky you may witness some noodle theatrics as chefs slap dough repeatedly against a counter (the sound it makes is the biang biang noodle's namesake) and rip the unusually wide noodle ribbons as you slurp from your own bowl filled with chili oil, meat sauce, or other toppings.

Noodles aren't the only thing on the menu here: Xi'An Noodles will also offer other regional fare from China such as rou jia mo, which literally translates as "meat sandwich" that comes in the form of a hamburger-like flatbread full of marinated meat. Their spicy, hotpot-like ma la tang will be a great pick-me-up on a rainy Seattle day. Expect other traditional comfort foods (and a drinks list too) when at the grand opening on Sunday (May 1).

You can find Xi'An Noodles at 5259 University Way NE. The restaurant's Yelp page is reliable until the Facebook gets up and running.