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How Is Culture Club Cheese Bar?

Particularly great for the next 10 days, as it happens.

By Kathryn Robinson March 10, 2016

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Image: Sarah Flotard

It’s raining as I write this, probably raining as you read it—and winter yet for the next week and a half.

All of which makes it ideal weather for a visit to Culture Club Cheese Bar, Sheri LaVigne’s cultural destination on Capitol Hill’s 12th. Yeah, that golden mac and cheese in the cast iron skillet is there. Maybe a grilled cheese sandwich oozing taleggio and sherried mushrooms. Definitely some wine and cheese pairings; perhaps a little pot of fondue.

Décor’s not much and service can be brusque, none of which you will care about. LaVigne also owns the Calf and the Kid artisanal cheese shop on Capitol Hill, which makes her very smart about cheese—which you will care about. Particularly when it’s melting around the rim of a pint glass filled with Rainier Beer and covered in shards of pretzel. Read my review in this month’s Seattle Met.


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