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Miss Marjorie’s Steel Drum Plantain Chips

You love them at Marjorie…now go buy them at the store.

By Kathryn Robinson November 23, 2015

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Yum--courtesy Donna Moodie.

Donna Moodie grew up, in Jamaica and Chicago, eating the Caribbean food of her mother Marjorie’s heritage. Decades later, Marjorie would become the namesake of Moodie’s Capitol Hill restaurant and the inspiration behind its signature starter, Miss Marjorie’s Steel Drum Plantain Chips.

Diners with long memories will remember savoring those chips all the way back at Moodie’s original Marjorie location, at the corner of Second and Battery in Belltown. Long and curly and crispy and intensely addictive, they come with a dip of tomato and pineapple and avocado and cost $12 for an order (or $4 if you come between 5pm and 7pm, weekdays).

And as of this fall—you can get them at the store.

Moodie launched a Kickstarter campaign which drew 162 backers to pledge over $25,000 toward Miss Marjorie’s Steel Drum Plantains, sold online through the restaurant and retailing at shops across the country, here including Canal Market, Cone and Steiner, and lots more.

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