Yep, Marshawn Lynch Designed a Frappuccino for Starbucks

Beast mode = doubling down on chocolate.

By Allecia Vermillion October 21, 2015

Beast mode frappuccino  3  jm5jon

Photo via Starbucks.

Seattle's favorite running back/reticent sphinx has designed a special Frappuccino that goes on sale tomorrow (October 22), but only in Starbucks locations in Washington state and Beast Mode's hometown of Oakland. 

Per official word from Starbucks, Lynch was admitted to the test lab hidden deep within Starbucks HQ, suited up in a green apron, and started mixing stuff together. I'd love to know some of the combos that didn't make the final cut; they have to have at least tried some versions with Skittles, right? Maybe some Vita Coco water? Be honest, Starbucks, he totally designed this drink too, on the DL.

The final product, obviously dubbed the Beast Mode Frappuccino, seems appropriately gonzo: a double mocha base with mint, cream, protein powder, whipped cream, something called a "purple berry drizzle" and, as a parting shot, a sprinkle of matcha. Order one and Starbucks will donate 24 cents (24 is Lynch's number) to the Fam 1st Family Foundation, cofounded by Lynch. The mermaid also kicked in a $24,000 donation, just to get things started.

The Starbucks press release would have us believe that Lynch said, "you could get your buff on with this." All that caffeine and sugar has to be more effective than Russell Wilson's dubious Recovery Water, and is way more extreme than last season's Seahawks Frappuccino.

The Beast Mode Frappuccino will be around through the end of the NFL season.   

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