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Jason Stratton Will Be on the Next Season of 'Top Chef'

Don't mind me, just going to Spain.

By Allecia Vermillion October 19, 2015

Jason stratton full baagpw

At last! I got my wish for a new file photo of Jason Stratton. Photo via Bravo. Pants definitely via Stratton.

Heyo—what's this? Top Chef announced its next season today, including its contestants. That list includes one Jason Stratton, the executive chef at Mamnoon, and previously chef of Spinasse, Artusi, and Aragona/Vespolina.

Which explains Stratton's mysterious "trip to Spain" earlier this year. "Be suspicious of all Seattle chefs who 'go to Spain,'" he joked via text this morning. It's a reference to his pastry chef Carrie Mashaney, who also mysteriously disappeared to Spain for "research" back in 2013, only to surface as a Top Chef contestant in the New Orleans season.

Stratton's a longtime fan of the show, so it's only fitting he be on it. I have to think he makes for good TV, though not in a hair-pulling, pea puree–stealing sort of way.

Apparently this season of Top Chef will take a road trip format. Eater has the full list of contestants and says the two-night premiere airs December 3 and 4.


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