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This Week in Restaurant News: Under the Szechuan Influence

Jerry Traunfeld opens a Szechuan restaurant, Washington gains its first cooperative brewery, and La Bodega changes things up.

By Christina Tiberio August 7, 2015

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More Mighty-O. 


Mighty-O Donuts
Finally the vegan donut shop picked an official date of August 14 to open its Ballard location. Eater Seattle reports that the 2,500-square-foot shop can hold up to 50 people. A third Mighty-O Donuts will appear later next year on Capitol Hill. To score a free doughnut everyday for a year come to the opening of the 17th and Market location dressed as a superhero and put your name in for the drawing.

Beardslee Public House
This Monday August 10, John Howie's Beardslee Public House opens in Bothell at 19116 Beardslee Boulevard. Heading the kitchen is Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar's Jed Laprade. The 10,000-square-foot brewery and upscale pub offers eclectic food choices such as grilled kalbi pork jerky and pizza. Everything on the menu is prepared in house; from the bread on the table to the hand-ground meat. Drew Cluely of Big Time Brewery and Pike Brewing Company is in charge of all things beer, which includes 12 local craft brews on tap and rotating seasonal handles.

West Seattle gains a pizzeria Saturday, August 8. Pizza is served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and cooked in a wood burning oven made in good ole Bellingham. The 2141 California Avenue Southwest location is the eatery's third and is decked out with artwork from local artist Fran Holt. 

Jerry Traunfeld's Szechuan restaurant is officially open next door to his Indian-inspired Poppy. The menu includes Szechuan classics like ma po dofu and dan dan meinbut also offers Traunfeld's own spin, like a Lionhead version of Poppy's famed eggplant fries. The kitchen range is built for woks, and the restaurant does not allow any tipping or a fixed service charge

Brileys BBQ and Grill
Trading in sage butter for some barbecue sauce, former Cafe Juanita manager and wine director Kyle Brierley opened a smokehouse in Lake Forest Park on August 5. The restaurant offers a bevy of sandwiches and meats, but seems equally as proud of its sides. "The Rock" (a beef brisket sandwich with cole slaw) can be accompanied with Briley Fries which are topped with barbecue sauce and Brunswick stew. Brierley brought a mantra of "the bigger, the better" to the restaurant, as evidenced by the Southern Pride SPK 500 smoker that can smoke up to 120 racks of ribs.  

Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery
On August 15, Flying Bike is set to open Washington's first cooperative brewery at 8570 Greenwood Avenue North. The brewery is strongly tied to the community and is even constructed and run by over 1500 Flying Bike member-volunteers. It also snatched Ram Restaurant and Brewery and Pike Brewing Company's Kevin Forhan as head brewer.

Atta Boy
Zach Chamber's popup in Bar Sue is now a permanent fixture. The former Anchovies and Olives chef plants sandwich-focused Atta Boy in the middle of the Southern grub eatery at 1407 14th Avenue. Sandwiches compliment the Southern hospitality with toppings like fried chicken and fried green tomatoes and do not go over $10. 


Entre Amis
The relatively new little bistro on Queen Anne has closed; owner Benjamin Bernard-Luneau reportedly needed to return to France for personal reasons. Now to watch where chef Matt Cyr, formerly of Chicago's Girl and the Goat, will land.

Jason Wilson's first restaurant, where he earned a James Beard Award in 2010, will close August 28.


Kotaro Kumita, an alum of Shiro's, is opening his own sushi restaurant this fall in Ravenna. The menu aims for authenticity with seasonally imported seafood from Tokyo's Tsukiji Fish Market. Also on the menu is omakase (chef's choice) which can be paired with different sakes, wines, and beers. The 2402 Northeast 65th Street location is decked out with decor that is often found in sushi bars across Japan. 


La Bodega —> Manu's Bodega
On August 6 Manuel Alfau's restaurant transitioned to its new name, Manu's Bodega. Alfau grew up exploring the tastes of the Dominican Republic before cooking at La Bête and Blind Pig Bistro. Now his Latin American–centric menu has broadened to Bolivian, Peruvian, and Cuban options. The eatery kept the same Pioneer Square address of 100 Prefontaine Place South, but added a patio during the transformation. 

Meander's Kitchen
A curious saga unfolded in West Seattle this week, but apparently the restaurant remains open.


Cafe Pettirosso
Cafe Pettirosso's new dinner menu is all thanks to its new hire, former Kaisho chef Kalen Schramke. Schramke brought more vegetable options to the menu along with revamped classics, like deviled duck eggs, eggplant infused millet, and roasted chicken with buckwheat polenta. Dinner is served Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday from 5 till 10 and Thursday through Saturday from 5 till 11.


Seven Stars Pepper
The Szechuan restaurant will apparently expand beyond its International District address and into Belltown at 305 Bell Street. The Seven Stars Pepper team is awaiting for various permits before announcing when the second location will open. 


Heartwood Provisions
The new bar and restaurant concept is slated to open this fall or winter. Construction is at the former McCormick and Schmidt's Downtown location. Previous GM at Tavern Law, Amanda Reed will be the head of the beverage department. While all of the cocktails will be paired with food prepared by Varin Keokitvan.

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