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Seattle Is One Step Closer to Getting a Cat Cafe

Wallingford, this is your lucky day (provided you like cats).

By Christina Tiberio August 6, 2015

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Welcome to the internet: we stopped talking about food and now talk about cats. 

Image via Seattle Meowtropolitan Facebook

Local cat lovers are still waiting for the international cat cafe trend–wherein coffee shops serve up playtime with cute fuzz-balls as well as lattes–to officially arrive in Seattle. Now one of the two groups vying for the title of the city's first cat cafe reports it has secured a  permanent location after a successful popup event and fundraiser. 

Seattle Meowtropolitan co-founder Matt Lai confirmed that the cafe will be located in Wallingford, though he's not yet releasing an official address. Originally Lai and his crew hoped to open on Capitol Hill, but found zoning too restrictive. Not all was lost; Lai says the Wallingford cat cafe achieves his dual goals of being near public transit and having plenty of windows.

Seattle Meowtropolitan is still waiting on its floor plan approval; which includes a wall separating the food service from the cats. Lai reassured us that coffee is allowed in the cat rooms, if a customer so pleases.

The target open date is fall, but if the thought of waiting that long pangs of longign, Lai and crew have some felinecentric preview events in the works. Look out for a particularly zen event of yoga with kittens. Details likely to emerge on Seattle Meowtropolitan's Facebook page.

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