Soft Serve Mania

This Officially Exists: Rachel's Ginger Beer Soft Serve

Seattle's cultiest beverage, now in dessert form.

By Caroline Ferguson August 31, 2015

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Hardcore soft serve.

Soft serve is familiar territory for ginger beer baroness Rachel Marshall. Ginger beer floats are one of the main attractions at the Pike Place Market flagship and new 12th Avenue location of her Rachel's Ginger Beer, and during the testing phase she quickly realized that swirls of soft serve would be the way to go. After all, you can only scoop ice cream so fast when the lines start to wrap around the block, as they're wont to do at Rachel's.

Those lines are bound to get a little longer this week. Over the weekend, Rachel's started serving up caramelized pineapple RGB soft serve, the first in a lineup of new soft serve flavors the team has been testing for several months.

As with the vanilla, RGB soft serves are made with a base from Edaleen Dairy in Blaine, WA. It's a far cry from the scary polymer-powder packet that's used at traditional fast food soft serve joints; in fact, it's similar to an ice cream base, but with a lower fat content.

Flavors will rotate regularly, and Marshall has enough ideas up her sleeve to last quite a while. They've been testing a soft serve version of the company's beloved blood orange flavor, and Marshall also hopes that strawberry RGB—"the best one we've ever made," which never saw the light of day due to the berry's texture-ruining pectin content—could be a future flavor.

"There are already so many people in Seattle making awesome ice cream," Marshall says. "But I think soft serve is about to have a huge moment."

Considering what happened in this town after Rachel started serving ginger beer, we're inclined to believe her.


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