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Image: Smart Catch

Sentient Northwesterners know that seafood is good to eat, that many species are overfished or irresponsibly harvested, and that our future consumption of fish and shellfish will not look like it has in the past. If that is the limit of your knowledge, next week’s all-region event, Sustainable Seafood Week, can school you.

The Northwest leg of a nationwide event (also held in San Francisco, Washington DC, and New York City), our SSW will include an $85-per-person gala August 4, and an industry lab to convene scientists and fisheries professionals around questions critical to the future of fish. Around the city August 3-8, pop-up blue shelters will engage passersby in activities designed to inform about ocean health and smart fishing.

Best, designated Smart Catch restaurants—that is, those restaurants committed to serving fish that is responsibly harvested—will be doing it up all week with special presentations of their smart catches. This new Smart Catch program is a laudable national campaign to promote those restaurants which serve only the choices labeled “Best” and “Good” on the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s “Seafood Watch” program. For some of us, who once carried around the Seafood Watch card in our wallets, then graduated to the app on our phones—simply choosing a restaurant that pledges to do that discerning for you by offering only the good stuff on their menus is a whole lot simpler.

Around here some of the Smart Catch restaurants are the usual suspects—most of the Ethans, most of the Toms—but also include places as diverse as Crush, Agua Verde, and Single Shot. Check out the full Smart Catch restaurant list here; patronize accordingly.