A still from the documentary Steak (R)evolution

The Seattle International Film Festival has taken dinner and a movie to a whole new level with this year’s new culinary cinema installment. Inspired by the recent focus on food at the San Sebastian and Berlin Film Festivals, SIFF's creative team was eager to launch the series in our city. "Seattleites love food, drink, and film. This is a great way to bring all three together," director of programming Beth Barrett told us. 

The series offers 11 foodcentric films; five of these showings also include corresponding dinners at nearby restaurants. This means your carnivorous craving after seeing Steak (Re)volution will be satisfied by a postmovie meal at Manhattan.

Tickets for each dinner and movie pairing are $125, which includes the film screening, chef's menu, wine, tax, and gratuity. Check out the full rundown below:

For Grace
May 17 at 3:45, AMC Pacific Place
Chicago chef Curtis Duffy has big dreams for his new restaurant, Grace, but they don't come without a cost. The personal film explores what happens when food trumps family.
Dinner at Bookstore Bar and Cafe 
Additional screening: May 15 at 6, SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival

Little Forest Summer/Autumn
May 18 at 6:30 and May 24 at noon, SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival
Little Forest Winter/Spring
May 19 at 6:30 and May 24 at 3, SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival
Based on a serialized manga, these films detail seasonal Japanese cuisine and a woman's journey to self-discovery as she lives off the land. 

King Georges
May 20 at 7, AMC Pacific Place
Follow chef Georges Perrier through the culinary challenges that come with the project of keeping his 40-year-old Philadephia restaurant, Le Bec-Fin, relevant.
Dinner at Loulay (sneak a peek at the menu)
Additional screening: May 21 at 4, SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival

Steak (R)evolution
May 26 at 7, Harvard Exit
What truly makes for a great steak? By the time this cross-cultural documentary is finished, you'll consider yourself a cattle connoisseur. 
Dinner at Manhattan 
Additional screening: May 25, 1:15, AMC Pacific Place 

The Birth of Saké 
May 27 at 6:30, SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival and May 28 at 4, AMC Pacific Place 
Go behind the scenes to discover the process of Japan's oldest liquor, and the conflicts that arise from the upkeep of ancient tradition. 

City of Gold
May 31 at 4:30, Harvard Exit
This exploration of the Los Angeles food scene is outlined by the discoveries of the award-winning proofreader turned food critic Jonathan Gold.
Dinner at The Dunbar Room
Additional screening: May 30 at 6:30, SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival

Cooking Up a Tribute
June 2 at 7, Harvard Exit
In this journey of a film, the Roca brothers, co-owners of the renowned Celler de Can Roca, close down shop for a five-week world tour resulting in 57 new globally inspired dishes.
Dinner at Poppy
Additional screening: June 4 at 4:15, Harvard Exit

That Sugar Film
June 1 at 6 and June 3 at 3:30, SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival
One man's mission to uncover the not-so-sweet effects that hidden sugars have on our bodies is detailed in this satisfyingly scientific flick. 

Sherry and the Mystery of the Palo Cortado 
June 4 at 6, Kirkland Performance Center and June 6 at 11:30, SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival
A close look at Spain's signature fortified wine, examining not only its history but the story of people involved in its creation.  

Sergio Herman, F**king Perfect
June 6 at 9:30, AMC Pacific Place and June 7 at 11:30, SIFF Cinema Uptown Festival 
This portrait of chef Sergio Herman sheds light on the sacrifices made in order to have it all in the culinary world.

Learn more about the rest of this year's SIFF lineup here