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Look Who’s Making Gluten-Free Food for Mariners Games

We are talking cinnamon rolls wrapped around bacon, sports fans.

By Kathryn Robinson May 11, 2015

Gluten free cinnamon rolls from Coffee and a Specialty Bakery.

Image: Facebook

Tonyia Smith, whose Coffee and a Specialty Bakery at Pike Place Market strongly suggests an inverse correlation between the genericness of a restaurant name and the distinctiveness of its food, has quietly begun peddling her gluten-free products at M’s games.

Centerplate, the concessionaire for Safeco Field, has long offered gluten-free choices at the Natural—the stand at Section 132, behind home plate. But so many gluten-free eaters recommended Smith’s goods, Centerplate gave her a call—and Smith began stocking The Natural with grab-and-go sandwiches and pastries.

Sandwiches like pastrami on an onion caraway roll with a side of potato salad. Chicken and pesto and hummus on a lightly toasted baguette with grilled peppers and onions. And—not yet, but soon—a cinnamon roll wrapped around bacon, to pour over with warm maple syrup. All 100 percent gluten free, made in Smith’s dedicated Burien facility. (Her main retail space, the aforementioned Coffee and a Specialty Bakery, is beneath the skybridge on the Western Avenue flank of Pike Place Market.)

She’s also working on a gluten-free fried chicken and seafood dredge, which she’ll start selling once they work out packaging and branding. “I want something simple, like ‘Gluten-Free Fried Chicken Fry,’ but other people have other ideas,” Smith laughs.

Stay tuned.


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