Our very first cheese bar!

Seattle Scores a Cheese Bar

Calf and Kid cheese shop owner Sheri LaVigne searched for nearly a year before landing the Capitol Hill address (1806 12th Avenue) that will become Seattle’s first cheese bar. Here the woman who mongers cheese with descriptors like “sharp as a witch’s tit in a brass bra on a cold day” will apply a similar level of formality to pairing her wares with wine and beer or melting them into creative takes on mac and cheese or grilled cheese sandwiches. Culture Club (the name is spectacular) will open this summer. 

Seattle Also Scores a French Fry Bar

It too will open on 12th Avenue, though this bar comes courtesy of Rachel’s Ginger Beer. The new location in Capitol Hill’s 12th Avenue Arts building will pour ginger beer aplenty (in both cocktail and teetotal forms) and serve crispy, hand-cut fries like in Europe—in the company of 20-odd dipping sauces. 

Katsu Burger Expands to Bellevue

When the doors closed in Georgetown last summer, these deep-fried, panko-crusted burgers appeared to be gone forever. Until a new owner stepped in to save the day—and promised more locations. Now those towering monster burgers have invaded Factoria, along with nori fries and Katsu’s legendary black sesame milk shakes.

Poppy Gets a Szechuan Sibling

Jerry Traunfeld clearly knows his way about a thali, but the chef has spent recent years honing his appreciation for the foods of China, particularly its Sichuan province. Now he’s opening a casual restaurant called Lionhead right next door to Poppy that will put these skills on full display. Target open: late spring. 

Cafe Juanita Pops Up at Lark

Holly Smith’s Kirkland restaurant is road tripping to Seattle during a major remodel. She’ll spend two months cooking in Lark’s original quarters on 12th Avenue, serving $135 prix fixe menus. Dinners start February 4.