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And the Seattle Met 2014 Restaurant of the Year Is…

…just seriously great. Really.

By Kathryn Robinson October 21, 2014

And check out this pizza!

As 150-some lucky diners discovered last night, Loulay is one damn fine place to find yourself with an appetite. 

Having signed up for our annual Secret Supper, they got texts yesterday morning announcing the name of the restaurant I chose as the very best of 2014. Last night was the celebration dinner, in four courses, with matched wines. Being an anonymous critic I never get to go to these things. I hear it was fantastic.

So out of all the Seattle restaurants to come into prominence over the last 12 months…why’d I choose Loulay? Allow me to quote myself, from the November 2014 issue hitting the stands this week:

“…Loulay maintains a down-to-earth accessibility I’m consistently surprised to find in a room this grand. I was thinking about this on my last visit, savoring one of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted—a smoky masterpiece with bacon-shallot jam and fries. On the one hand, it’s all house-ground rib-eye and brioche bun—duck egg and foie gras optional. On the other, it’s a $15 burger.  When we sought help with wine, our otherwise elegant sommelier described a particularly muscular red as a ‘two-by-four to the face.’ No putting on airs in this house.”

You’ll find more on Loulay, along with plenty of edible detail on the Ten Best New Restaurants in Seattle and more, in our November issue. On newsstands all over town this week.


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